In collaboration with the Tanzania National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)

Epidemiology and natural history of HPV infection in a cohort of Tanzanian girls

Principal investigator: Deborah Watson-Jones (LSHTM), John Changalucha (NIMR Mwanza)

Project coordinator: Catherine Houlihan

Funders: Wellcome Trust, WHO Croatia, Tropical Epidemiology Group at LSHTM

Field work

This study aims to describe the incidence and diversity of HPV genotypes and determine the rates of clearance and reacquisition, in a cohort of pre-sexual debut schoolgirls aged 15 years or over in the Mwanza region. These girls are being recruited from schools which were enumerated but not selected for vaccination during the HPV vaccination demonstration project. Enrolled participants will be followed up every three months for 18 months (baseline, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 months) with interviews and self-administered vaginal swabs.

HPV EPI team

Syndromic treatment for symptomatic sexually transmitted infections will be available according to national guidelines.