Capacity Building

The Unit implements a rigorous programme of staff recruitment and capacity building in order to develop the skills and expertise needed to carry out health research, including clinical trials, conforming to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and other international standards. Specific training activities include:

  1. Distance learning – MITU and colleagues from across the campus are involved in supporting staff members undertaking Distance-Learning (DL) MSc courses at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).
  2. Staff development – The Unit supports colleagues attending short courses, this includes training in finance and administration, data management, laboratory sciences, and scientific writing. In addition, we actively seek and support higher-level training, including MSc and PhD degree programmes, to develop the qualifications and skills of the Unit staff.
  3. Specific training initiatives - In addition to facilitating staff on the campus to attend training, MITU has developed its own training and development initiatives. This includes providing GCP and research ethics training, workshops on setting and managing project budgets, and a two-week introduction to research methods course conducted in collaboration with NIMR and LSHTM colleagues.
  4. Engaging with the public – MITU engages with the public to raise awareness about health research and reaches out to students in secondary schools to encourage them to start thinking about future research career.