Our mission is to contribute to improving health through the development and evaluation of interventions against HIV and other health problems by conducting research, including intervention trials, to the highest international standards; to enhance the capacity to carry out such research in Tanzania and the East African region; and to contribute to the translation of research findings into health policy in partnership with other stakeholders.

MITU is committed to conducting research that evaluates promising public health interventions, improves health service delivery and mitigates the impact of health problems.The Unit aims to ensure that its research findings are widely disseminated through appropriate communication strategies within Tanzania, the East African region and in other countries around the world. It also develops effective linkages with government departments and national and local organisations within Tanzania, contributing to policy formulation and programme implementation as guided by its evidence-based research findings.


The vision of MITU is to be a world-leading centre for research on HIV prevention and treatment, and research on other health problems and, in partnership with local and international organisations, to contribute in improving health in East African region.

Our Values

We seek to create a research environment of the highest standard in which new knowledge is generated and within which future academic leaders can develop. The Unit’s core values continually shape its mission; influencing decisions both about activities undertaken and approaches used in pursuing future opportunities and activities.

MITU’s core values are:

  • To conduct research to the highest international scientific and ethical standards
    Members of the Unit strive to conduct research studies to the highest international scientificand ethical standards.
  • Commitment to well-being and safety of research participants
    In all studies implemented by the Unit, international scientific and ethical standards are adhered to and participant safety is the highest priority.
  • Effective academic leadership
    By targeting this area for development, the Unit aims to emphasise the values associated with academic excellence, increase its visibility across the research environment and commit to nurturing future academic leaders.
  • A commitment to building sustainable capacity
    The Unit recognises the need to develop a critical mass of well-trained research scientists with the potential to become leaders capable of conducting research to the highest international standards.
  • Participatory community engagement activities
    In conducting its research activities, the Unit strives to actively engage study participants and other members of the community and contribute to mobilising and informing the local community about the research studies.
  • Equitable partnerships
    The Unit strives to build and foster partnerships with academic institutions and research organisations in East Africa and other countries within and outside Africa on an equal basis.
  • Honesty and integrity
    The Unit expects its staff and affiliates to conduct research activities to generate new knowledge in a professional way and with honesty and integrity.