Caroline Maxwell

Caroline is the trial manager of the randomised clinical trial examining immune responses and safety of single-dose HPV vaccine using either the 2-valent or 9-valent vaccine compared to two and three doses of the same vaccines among girls age 9-14 years recruited from government schools in Mwanza city, Tanzania (DoRIS trial). The results of this trial will help to guide future vaccination policy.  Caroline’s previous clinical trial experience included one-year coordinating the in-country organisation of the EBOVAC trial during the Sierra Leone epidemic, coordinating the clinical follow-up of persons who had recovered from Ebola in Liberia,  coordinating the ZMapp drug therapy arm in a clinical trial comparing different Ebola therapies in Ebola patients in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and coordinating the initial phase in Cote d’Ivoire of a multi-country clinical trial using triple-drug therapy in filariasis patients.  Caroline’s background is in entomology and parasitology and she spent 12 years working in a range of collaborative research projects with the Tanzanian National Institute for Medical Research. As part of this collaboration, she was the PI and co-PI on multiple large-scale epidemiological field studies comparing the effect of Insecticide Residual Spraying with Insecticide Treated Bednets on malaria and filariasis transmission, and evaluating the effect on parasitological, entomological, clinical, and immunological parameters over time and at different intensities of transmission. Caroline has also worked closely with the National Malaria Programmes in Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Tanzania, Eswatini, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Guinea, and Zambia to assist in ensuring malaria control policy aligned with currently available data, training health workers in malaria diagnosis and improving drug supply chain management with mobile applications.

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