Edmund Kisanga

Edmund Kisanga is a clinical officer with more than ten-year experience working in a range of projects within MITU. He is currently working as a Field Coordinator of a cluster randomized trial aiming to evaluate if partnerships with religious leaders can help to reduce the average blood pressure (BP) in their communities. Working with religious leaders, this trial will focus on lowering the BP in adults through a healthier lifestyle. This will involve adults who have hypertension as well as adults who do not have hypertension but whose BP is high and can be improved. Research team involved in this trial will compare the average BP of community members living in 10 rural communities in which we form partnerships with religious leaders and in 10 rural communities in which we do not work in partnership with religious leaders.


Edmund has previously worked in MITU as a field coordinator in a number of studies, including a study which aimed to investigate the mobility patterns among women working in the fishing communities around the shores of Lake Victoria and how this influence their vulnerability to HIV infection. Before joining MITU, Edmund worked as a clinical officer at Buzuruga health centre in Ilemela district, Mwanza. Edmund believes in team work and is driven by curiosity, observation and continuing education.

  • +255 282 500019; +255 653 258537