Grace Mtolela

Grace is currently working as a research coordinator for the MAISHA longitudinal study which aims to investigate the predictors and consequences of intimate partner violence in Tanzania over time. This longitudinal study follows forward on women who were participating in the control arms of MAISHA trial, a study that investigates the impact of adding a participatory gender training curriculum to an existing group-based based microfinance (Component A) and newly formed groups of women not receiving microfinance (Component B).

Grace has extensive experience, having worked in a range of public health research projects starting from 1998. This includes a community-randomised trial (MEMA kwa Vijana) to measure the impact of an adolescent sexual and reproductive health intervention; a clinical trial to test the efficacy of microbicide gels in prevention of HIV among high-risk women; and a MAISHA trial to assess the impact of economic empowerment intervention on reducing the experience of intimate partner violence among women enrolled in a local microfinance scheme.

  • +255 28 2500019